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neon sign seafood Lightwriters Neon has a thirty-five year history of innovative design and quality fabrication. Whether you desire one single sign or a thousands, you can count on Lightwriters to deliver neon to your specifications on time and within a reasonable budget.
record store neon sign Design is the single most important aspect of sign making. By knowing the entire process, the availability of materials, and the capabilities of neon, our designers will create displays that are guaranteed to always catch the eye. Our designs are often seen in print and on promotional materials, in addition to just being signs.
restaurant neon sign Production quality is no mistake! By recognizing all the process pitfalls, Lightwriters Neon can optimize all phases of neon fabrication from concept to installation.
video neon sign Repairs can be a tricky thing. Lightwriters offers a repair service for most types of neons. We can bring your neon back to life and make your neon look brand new!

Remodeling can bring your neon up-to-date. Change, add, or remove words and pictures. In some cases you can even change color!

neon chicken Lightwriters Neon designs period perfect displays for film and theater. We also rent neons from our stock catalog, and will occasionally build glass props to a filmmakers specifications.

Lightwriters Neons have been seen in over 70 feature films and tons of TV shows and commercials since 1977.

interior neon Lightwriters Neon also provides a consulting service to other shops and other industries. We can fabricate and repair custom vacuum systems and lighting products, as well as training labor in the field.
neon signs help us cool off At Lightwriters all we make is NEON. Forget about all other types of signs. Sure we can sell those high profit LED signs, but why?
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