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Neon Engineers Notebook
The Neon Engineers Notebook
Second Edition
Jacob Fishman & Morgan Crook

Here is a practical guide to optimizing your work place. This book presents ideas and methods to tweak your machinery as well as yourself to produce your best work. The chapters pertaining to glasswork illustrate techniques for success to improve the bending skills of novices and seasoned professionals alike.
9" x 7" Indexed 240 pages
ISBN-10 0-9716530-2-3
ISBN-13 978-0-9716530-2-3

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Introduction to Neon
Introduction To Neon
Jacob Fishman

This professional video can help neon crafts people of all levels. Step-by-step "real time" demonstrations show all the phases involved in the neon signmaking process: designing the neon pattern, tube bending, bombarding and pumping,and final assembly.

Learn the craft of neon at your own pace with this highly detailed, two-hour video. VHS -or- DVD $37.95

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ISA Neon Processing Guide
by International Sign Association

This instructional video demonstrates a variety of processing techniques. Produced by the ISA, Neon Processing Guide, minimizes the guesswork that goes into preparing and pumping neon tubes.

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